Welcome to Winners Chapel Benin City, where God turns little shot to big shot in short time.

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Our Mandate

“The Hour has come to liberate the world from all oppression of the devil through the preaching of the Word of Faith and I am sending you to undertake this task.”

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2019 Prophetic Declaration & Greetings

Caller: I Have Dominion!

Respondent: That is My Heritage in CHRIST.

Caller: And I Take Dominion!

Respondent: That is My Vow From This Time Onward.

Caller: Congratulations!

Respondent: Amen and Amen.


GOD HAS GIVEN ME VICTORY It’s my New Dawn Era!  Last week, I was bitten by a mosquito on my left breast and after some days the swelling kept increasing to the extent that it started affecting my hand.  I kept praying and using the anointing, my husband told me to go to the hospital…

Admission Into Faith Academy Benin 2018/2019 Session

Admission into Faith Academy, Benin is in progress. Application and submission of completed forms is purely online. Visit: www.eclfcww.org or https://admission.eclfcww.org to obtain form online. Please note that APPLICANTS THAT WILL NOT BE TEN (10) YEARS OLD BY 31DECEMBER, 2018 NEED NOT APPLY AS SUCH APPLICATION WILL NOT BE PROCESSED. Online Admission Portal opens on…

Miracle Promotion after 10 years of stagnation

I have been stagnated for 10 years in my place of work. I attended several promotion interview but I was always denied, even though I did very well in the examination. Again this year, I attended another interview, I was called upon by some of my colleagues that we should go and sort (Bribe) so…

Healed Of Eight Years Diabetes!

“In 2005 I was diagnosed with diabetes. Since then, I had been on regular drugs. My doctor had told me that diabetes had no cure. Two weeks ago, my son in Spain called and told me about the 21 days of prayer and fasting going on here.He said that if I came and participated in…

Divine Healing Through Spiritual Stewardship

Two weeks ago, I was dragonized of Tuberculosis, and to be taken to TB CENTRE, but I disagreed with the report and asked her for a re-test in another hospital. I came to the church last Sunday, the service was just packaged for me, God’s servant declared last week, “Our Week of Testimonies”, I keyed…

10 Years Stagnation Terminated!

“I had been stagnated and struggling for 10 years. My turnaround began at the 21-day prayer and fasting of 2013. I engaged fully and received many Word-encounters. On the Breakthrough Night, the Bishop declared, ‘Your captivity is turned! The poverty is gone and the delay is over!’ I received it!    Also, on the last…

Wonder Double Job

For some time now I had believed God for a change of status. I was at ground zero level that I had no worship offering for services. When the second phase of the wonder – double agenda was flagged off, I determined to give it my best by engaging aggressively in kingdom-focused prayer and soul…

Five Years Marital Delay Terminated

I came to give back all the Glory to God for changing my status from single to the next level. I came to Shiloh 2014 with the powerful zeal that I will come to Shiloh 2015 married and testify. I keyed into the Prophetic Word that came out from God’s Servant Papa, He said as…