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Miracle Promotion after 10 years of stagnation

Miracle Promotion after 10 years of stagnation

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I have been stagnated for 10 years in my place of work. I attended several promotion interview but I was always denied, even though I did very well in the examination.

Again this year, I attended another interview, I was called upon by some of my colleagues that we should go and sort (Bribe) so that we can all be promoted. I held unto my integrity and I ignored their advice.

I heard God’ servant in one of the services stressed on the need to engage in kingdom Promoted Prayers. He further said if we take God’s business first, He will in-turn take our affairs as His priority. The word hit me like a thunderbolt.

I started engaging in Kingdom Promoted Prayers both for souls and the Church, not minding the issue of my promotion and that same week, the result was released and my name was included. To God alone be all the glory.

Bro. Ibaha K

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